We hope the list of resources below are useful to you. If you have suggestions for additional resources for prisoners and those re-entering their communities, please contact us.

Wisconsin Resources


Offers an array of direct service programs for individuals and families involved in the criminal justice system in Dane County.

People Against Solitary Confinement

Raises awareness about the personal trauma and costs of solitary confinement via a mobile, full-scale model of a solitary cell. Contact People Against Solitary Confinement to host a speaker and the solitary confinement truck in your community.

Prison Forum

Advocates for, and corresponds with, Wisconsin prisoners via newsletter and blogs.

Wisconsin ACLU

Works to ensure that U.S. prisons, jails, and detention facilities comply with the Constitution, domestic law, and international human rights principles.

Wisconsin Innocence Project

Provides pro bono legal and investigative services to individuals seeking to prove innocence of crimes for which they have been convicted, and works to redress the causes of wrongful convictions.


Linking people of faith across Wisconsin to work for justice.

National Resources

ACLU National Prison Project

Works to ensure that U.S. prisons, jails, and detention facilities comply with the Constitution, domestic law, and international human rights principles, and works to end the policies that have given the U.S. the highest incarceration rate in the world.

Critical Resistance

CR’s mission is to build an international movement to end the Prison Industrial Complex by challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes everyone safe. Their English/Spanish newspaper, The Abolitionist, is free to prisoners.

Fair Shake: Reentry Resource Center

Provides tools, information, and materials to people leaving prison and returning to their communities. Fair Shake supports re-entry success.

LGBT Books to Prisoners

Volunteer-run organization that sends books and other educational materials, free of charge, to incarcerated LGBTQ people across the United States.

The Jericho Movement

Works for the freedom of political prisoners.

National Lawyers Guild

Publishes, along with the Center for Constitutional Rights, “The Jailhouse Lawyer’s Handbook” ($2). It explains how a prisoner can start a lawsuit in federal court to fight against mistreatment in prison.

Prison Activist Resource Center

PARC publishes a 24-page directory of organizations supporting prisoners, which is free to prisoners upon request.

Prison Book Program

Offers a free “National Prisoner Resource List” and a 40-page “We the People” legal primer, and a free resource list for LGBTQ prisoners.

Prison Legal News

Publishes a magazine that provides a review and analysis of prisoner rights court rulings and news about prison issues (subscription $30/year for prisoners).

Root and Rebound

A re-entry advocacy center that equips people for successful reintegration with tools and resources.

The Sentencing Project

A research and advocacy organization that works for a fair and effective criminal justice system by promoting reforms in sentencing law and practice, and alternatives to incarceration.

South Chicago ABC Zine Distro

Publishes political and radical zines written by activists seeking prison abolishment. Zines are offered free-of-charge to prisoners. Send for a catalog.