Donate Books

The range of interests prisoners have in the world is as broad and varied as the population at large. Donations of books across the entire spectrum of fiction and nonfiction subjects are both needed and appreciated. Scroll down for information on our book donation drop-off locations in Madison and Milwaukee.

Topics of interest that are frequently requested include:

  • Occupational and vocational trades
  • Legal material, thesauruses and almanacs
  • How to start a business or non-profit
  • Foreign language learning materials (particularly Spanish)
  • African American history
  • Mathematics and other GED instruction
  • Fiction in all genres, especially urban lit, thrillers, manga, fantasy, and sci-fi

Thank you!

Book Wish List

We have created a book donation wish list at A Room of One’s Own website that streamlines the process of donating highly-requested materials. Using this list provides the most convenient path to donating books we need most.

Book Drop-Off Sites

You can drop off book donations for WBTP at any of the following locations.


by Scott Pauli